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Steak Diane - Colorado Style and Warm Tuscan Salad

Submitted by Chris Wiggs Aurora, CO.
Steak Diane - Colorado Style
2 Servings
4 –  3-31/2 oz. pieces of sirloin, ½ thick; no fat or sinew
½ tsp +/-  Poupon Mustard
Worcestershire sauce
Salt, Ground Pepper
Olive oil
½ cup sliced mushrooms
¼ tsp garlic
¼ tsp shallots
¼ cup chopped green onions
1 oz cognac ( for flaming – something you would drink, not the cheap stuff)
Splash of  good Port
1 cup of beef stock-brown sauce/demi-glace
1.    Marinate steaks in poupon mustard, salt, pepper and a few drops of Worcestershire until steaks are tender; turn steaks a couple of times during marinating process.
2.    Saute’ garlic, shallots, mushrooms, and green onions lightly in Olive oil and Butter.
3.    Add Steaks to ingredients, cook to rare (serves at medium rare), flame with cognac, add port and brown sauce, toss and add slivers of butter to finish and serve immediately.  Steaks do not need to rest!
Serve with Orzo or small  pasta

Warm Tuscan Salad
6 Servings
4 large garlic cloves
¼ pound diced pancetta
¼ cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese
¼ cup Olive Oil
12 cups romaine lettuce torn into bite size pieces
4 cups ridicchio torn into bite size pieces
1 cup of buttered and dried focaccia croutons
18 large spears of endive
1.    Place wok over heat until hot.
2.    Add garlic, pancetta, Gorgonzola and Olive oil simultaneously.  Toss until just before cheese melts – it will start to sizzle. 
3.    Immediately add romaine lettuce, radicchio; continue tossing swiftly
4.    Once lettuce starts to warm, but NOT WILT add croutons and continue tossing
5.    Serve at once in large shallow bowls over 3 endive spears in equal servings.


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