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Chanticleer wine will pair nicely with Maryland Rock Fish with Roasted Yellow Pepper Grits and Roasted Poblano Sauce Andy Weber, Prosper, TX.  November, 2009.

Chanticleer Sangiovese is “A wonderful mix of spicy earth and berries – especially dusty strawberries and raspberries”.  This medium bodied wine will pair nicely with Grilled Halibut with Fennel, Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic RouilleSunset Magazine, September, 2009.

“Chanticleer Sangiovese is a wonderfully balanced marriage of the soft female qualities of  Sangiovese blended with the more masculine flavors of the Cabernet grape.  It is very balanced, has nice depth of fruit and a hint of the Eucalyptus that used to grow in the area. I particularly enjoyed pairing Chanticleer with my recipe Wild Striped Sea Bass Wrapped In Serrano Ham , which contains numerous Spanish ingredients that the wine complimentes nicely. "
Jeffrey Jake, Executive Chef - Silverado Country Club

“We enjoyed visiting with you recently and tasting your wines.  I think the recently featured McCormick Molten Spiced Chocolate Cabernet Cakes would go wonderfully with your outstanding Chanticleer Cabernet Sauvignon.” Wynne McCormick, Stevenson, Md.

"A hearty Stroganoff Steak Sandwich coupled with a simple salad is a tasty combination that calls for a full-bodied wine. Chanticleer Cabernet is perfect!"  Bill Boardman, Sunnyvale, CA

"Wild Rice Soup is simple to make and is flavorful and filling.  A nice bottle of Chanticleer Sangiovese brings out the rich flavors." Lou and Judy Hesse, Canon City, CO

"Don't let the rich tomato and parmesan flavors of this hearty peasant stew scare you- the well balanced Chanticleer Sangiovese meets them with confidence. Sangiovese is a traditioal italian accompaniment to this dish, Pasta Fagiola, but when it is this Napa version, with it's rich berry flavors, you don't want to stop eating. Or drinking. Or eating etc. etc." Tony and Sharon Marchese,  Broomfield Hills, MI

"The beauty of Chanticleer Cabernet Sauvignon is its ability to easily pair with a wide variety of dishes - everything from pasta, to beef, lamb, pork and poultry. The red peppers and tomatoes in the Chanticleer Chicken with Sweet Red Peppers are a delicious complement to the red berry fruit flavors of the wine. When the chicken is grilled on the barbecue, the spice flavors of the wine are enhanced; when sautéed in a pan, the dish allows the rich, mellow Cabernet fruit to shine through. Either way, it's a match made in heaven!"  Liz Marks, Napa, CA

"Refreshing and light, Wild Woodland Salad is perfect as a luncheon meal or a light dinner. Chanticleer Sangiovese is a perfect complement to this tasty dish." Judy Johnson, Omaha NE

“I paired Chanticleer with one of my favorite meat  dishes, Rack of Lamb. The flavors of cherry and plum in Chanticleer Cabernet was a wonderful complement to the hearty lamb flavor and the array of spices used in preparing this dish.”  Donna Welsh, Sacramento, CA

"As a wild game hunter I enjoy cooking what I take and one of my favorite dishes is Game Paella. A wonderful blend of wild game, vegetables, spices, and condiments, it calls for a similar style wine.  My favorite with this dish is Chanticleer Cabernet Sauvignon!" Walter Broich, Eden Prairie, MN

"Nothing beats a well seasoned steak, and  Steak Diane - Colorado Style paired with a full bodied Chanticleer Cabernet Sauvignon is my idea of ecstacy!"  Chris Wiggs, Aurora, CO.

"Chanticleer Cabernet Sauvignon is a wonderful complement to a hearty meal such as steak and potatoes. Two of my favorite recipes for a “steak and potatoes” meal are Steak Au Poivre Vert coupled with Yukon Gold Potatoes and MushroomsGratin."
Caddy Grodahl, Partner's wife and darn good cook

Chanticleer Chicken with Sweet Red Peppers
Game Paella
McCormick Molten Spiced Chocolate Cabernet Cakes
Pasta Fagiola
Rack of Lamb
Steak Au Poivre Vert
Steak Diane - Colorado Style and Warm Tuscan Salad
Stroganoff Steak Sandwich
Wild Rice Soup
Wild Striped Bass Wrapped In Serrano Ham With Asapao Sauce and Mache-Radish Salad
Wild Woodland Salad
Yukon Gold Potato and Wild Mushroom Gratin With Blue Cheese