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I wanted to send a quick note on the 2012 Riserva.  You know we love all of the wines we’ve gotten from Chanticleer over the years but I have to tell you the 2012 Riserva is truly exceptional!  We had a bottle over the weekend and it just blew us away.  I can’t imagine what it will taste like in a couple of years…  I’m sure I already know the answer to this question but do you have any left?


Steve Chapman | EVP Chief Operating Officer

We had dinner last night with a couple who are close friends and recounted our experience with you. After completing the story, Jamie and I looked at each other and simply said, "That was amazing". And it was. Thank you for the personal exposure to your opulent wines, beautiful home and wine cellar, grounds, and the orchard.
We will remember you and the time you gave us on each occasion we open a Chanticleer wine. The experience - which is what life is all about - and the wonderful memory of it will add to the flavors of the wine (not that they need any help!).

TestimonialsCy Young award winners, Chris Carpenter, 2005 on the left, and Roy Halladay, 2010 on the right, enjoy a day at Chanticleer with George Grodahl and winemaker Chris Dearden.


Suzanne and PaulStar Major League pitcher and professional golfer Rick Rhoden and his lovely wife Liz joined George for an afternoon tasting.

"The boys and I love drinking your Chanticleer Cabernet - especially when we don't have to share it with the women!"
– Norm Khoury

Tom and Stacy                          “Me, my love and Chanticleer" – Tom & Stacy Reilly

Mike David Kristen Jenny“We just love Chanticleer”
– Mike, David, Kristen, & Jenny


“We fell in love with Chanticleer when we first tasted it at a friend’s party back in 2001 and have been drinking it ever since. We buy it by the case and enjoy watching each vintage mature over the years. We’ve referred several dozen friends and clients to Chanticleer and to a person, each has become a follower of this fantastic cult wine.. Thanks, George!”
– Nate & Jennifer Tolman



 “The highlight of our visit to wine country was visiting Chanticleer.  The only thing better than meeting George and touring the vineyard, was drinking his wine!  It was a wonderful afternoon.”
– Dr. Greg & Stephanie Phillips


“Thank you again for hosting the DePauw Alpha Phi's last Saturday.  Our stop with you was one of the highlights of our weekend!  What a great way to start our tour of Napa, enjoying some quality time in your delightful wine cave and learning about the wonderful Chanticleer wines.  We are looking forward to receiving our delivery of wines for Thanksgiving with our guests.”
– Sarah Coffin


 We love hearing from our clients and below are excerpts from a few more testimonials that we just had to share:

--------- "Our visit with you was a real highlight of our Napa visit, and we thank you for it.  And congrats on very fine '05 wines!"

--------- "The visit to your home and cellar to sample your extraordinary wines, frankly, set the bar very high for the rest of our visit."

--------- "Thank you for a wonderful wine tasting experience! It ranks among the best wine experiences we've ever had."

--------- "It was the highlight of our trip – the setting, conversation and wine!"

--------- "Thanks again for your hospitality, the good company and your great wine."

--------- "The Chanticleer wines were spectacular and the surroundings made it a truly memorable and warm experience."

--------- "It was fantastic to come to your home, enjoy the views and sample the fine wine!"

--------- "Your passion is expressed through your wonderful wines and we can’t wait for ours to arrive.  Our visit with you was absolutely the highlight of our tour."

--------- "If I had more room in my wine cellar I'd order more wine!"

--------- "The time we spent with you was the highlight of our trip. We will look forward to seeing you again sometime and tasting more of your wonderful wine."

--------- "The highlight of our stay in wine country!"

--------- "We had a great time with some great wine."

--------- "I had a party at my home last night and your Cab was a hit (to the tune of a case of it)."

--------- "We all agreed that visiting you and tasting your great wine was the highlight of our trip!"

--------- "To say the experience was wonderful would simply not do it justice.  The whole visit with wonderful wine in the "cave" just made our whole trip to Napa."

--------- "Thank you for the most memorable part of our trip to Napa.  Your home  and tasting cave are magnificient!  There is no doubt I will be a client for life!"

--------- "We felt so privileged  to start our winery day with you, but I think you spoiled us as the other places just didn’t have the flair or the great wine!"

--------- "Our stop with you was one of the highlights of our weekend!  What a great way to start our tour of Napa, enjoying some quality time in your delightful wine cave and learning about the wonderful Chanticleer wines!"

--------- "You made us feel like “family" and, not to mention, your wine was delicious!"

--------- "Your home is fantastic and your wine even better!"

--------- "Thank you so very much for all of your time and for inviting us to your beautiful home.  I know that we will be enjoying your delicious wine in the years to come."

--------- "Visiting and tasting Chanticleer was the highlight of our trip to Napa."

--------- "Thank you so much for the unbelievable wine.  We should have just stopped after visiting you.  We didn’t taste a better wine the rest of the day!"

--------- "I'm blown away by both the Cabernet and Sangiovese and delighted I discovered Chanticleer!

--------- "Our visit with you was the highlight of our trip.  We hope to come back during the harvest next fall.  Now we're eager to enjoy your wonderful Sangiovese at home!  Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality."

--------- "I just wanted to thank you for your time and generosity.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the group wants you to know that all of us are available for adoption!"

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